VF-MB1 Advantages

The Innovative Drive for Panel Builders

The VF-MB1 is the first choice for drive solutions with high demands on the control characteristics and the integrated functions for applications in machine building industry, material handling or for pumps and fans. The integrated PLC (Logic Sequence) allow the integration of control functions in the drive. With its broad range of field bus options, which are available as plug-in hardware modules, as well as the standard Modbus® RTU and CANopen® interfaces the VF-MB1 can be integrated in nearly every production environment.

ConveyorsCrane applicationsPLC functions integratedPumps and fansTorque controlled drivesMachine and plant building

Toshiba VF-MB1 Drive

The VF-MB1 can drive elevator, lifting, conveyor, food & beverage processing, material handling, machine tool and many other applications.

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Toshiba MB-1 Drive Brochure
Toshiba MB-1 Drive Technical Info
Toshiba MB-1 Drive Technical Info


 Slim Shaped Body

The slim body of the VF-MB1 fits into limited spaces and can minimize the total machine size and allows for Flat Mounting and side-by-side installations.

 Advanced Motor Drive

  • Induction motor and Permanent Magnetic (PM) motor drive – The VF-MB1 controls not only 3-phase induction motors (Standard, High efficiency motor) but also  Interior Permanent Magnetic Motor (IPM) and Surface Permanent Magnetic Motor (SPM) for high efficiency, high torque, energy saving, downsizing and lightening.
  • PM drive technology

 Flexible Operation

  • Simple panel – “Turn and Push” setting dial, RUN and STOP keys.
  • Communication – Built in RS485 and CANopen communication with add-on options available.
  • Dual rating – two types of rating can drive variable torque and constant torque applications with minimal drive size.

 Flexible Terminals

  • Combination I/O – Multiple input terminal functions can be assigned to a single input terminal, output terminals can be assigned by “AND” and “OR” logic. This variety of functions allows for flexible system design.
  • Covered input terminals – Easy connection of front side input terminals with safety quick open cover.
  • Removable output terminal block – Easy install and maintenance by quick detachable output terminal block. (up to 4.0kW)


  • PID Control – Temperature, Pressure, Flow and Motion can be controlled by using feedback analog signals from a sensor, detector and process control.
  • Torque limit function – Output frequency can be decreased or increased according to the loading condition when the motor torque reaches the limit level such as in paper and film rolling machines.
  • Light-load high-speed operation – The light-load high-speed operation is used to improve the operating efficiency of the machine by increasing the rotational speed of the motor when it is operated under light load. This function is useful for constant-torque load applications which repeatedly drive light and heavy loads, such as lifts and transfer equipment.
  • Braking function – Lifts, crane and similar equipment require the smooth operation of braking and release timing with motor torque. The Braking function ensures the motor can produce enough torque before the brake is released.
  • Droop control – When a single load is operated by multiple drives and motors, each drive and motor are necessary to control the same value of load to prevent overload. The Droop function can share the single loads with multiple drives.


The VF-MB1 can be programmed by using computer based software “Logic sequence setting tool” and “PCM001Z”.

 Easy Advanced Control

  • Simple setup by Easy key – Pressing the EASY key on the panel allows you to operate the inverter by eight different parameters.
  • Setting dial “turn-and-push” – The large setting dial at the center of the front panel allows you to set the parameters easily. Just turn the setting dial until you get the right parameter and push to select. You can also use the setting dial to set the reference frequency.


The VF-MB1 supports the Safe Torque Off (STO) function according to EN/IEC 61508, EN954-1, and ISO 13849-1 standards.


  • EMC noise filter inside – Built-in noise filters are ideal for sites such as commercial facilities and offices.
  • Long lifetime – The main-circuit capacitor, cooling fan and control board capacitors are designed for 10 years lifetime design. Monitor indicates when to replace major parts.
  • Eco design – The VF-MB1 complies with the European RoHS Directive.