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The Dura-Bull TX® offers what Toshiba customers care about most–superior performance, tri-mount capability, low maintenance, short delivery times, and competitive pricing. Its low temperature, low vibration design, advanced insulation system for drive applications, API 541 and API 547 4th Edition capabilities, along with its other standard features, provide additional value that customers have come to expect from Toshiba.

Whether you need copper or die-cast aluminum rotors, or anti-friction or sleeve bearings, the Dura-Bull TX is the ideal solution.

 Product Scope

Horsepower: 200 to 1250 HP
Speed: 3600, 1800, 1200, or 900 RPM
Voltage: 4000 V*
Enclosure: Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled
Frame Size: 5011 through 6811
Construction: Cast Iron (Frame & End Brackets)
Insulation: Class F with class B Rise at 1.0 Service Factor by RM (Except where noted)


  1. Oversized Cast Iron Top-Mount T-Box Capability with 90-Step Rotational & Field-Replaceable F1 & F2 Positioning
  2. Four-Position Air Gap Inspection Holes
  3. Vibration Provision Mounting Pads
  4. Boxes (Space Heater & Multi-Functional All Cast Iron Auxiliary Terminal Box)
  5. Sufficient Clearance Between Box & Floor for Easy Connection
  6. Bearing RTD Provisions – Oversized, Same Diameter Bearings on Both Ends for Extended Life
  7. Cartridge-Type Field-Replaceable Grease Outlet
  8. Side-Ventilated Heavy Duty Cast Iron or Fabricated Steel Fan Covers to Allow for Installation in Limited Spaces
  9. Ground Terminals on All Four Corners of Frame with Vertical Jacking Screws & Four-Position Dowel Holes for Easy Alignment
  10. Multi-Mount Capability for Replacement – 5009, 5010, 5011, 5809, 5810, 5811 with Same BA
  11. Available Copper Bar Design with API Style End Ring to Eliminate Need for Trim Balancing

 Dura-Bull TX® Features

  • 5011, 5811, & 6811 Frames
  • Tri-Mount Capability for Quick and Easy Field Replacement —5009, 5010, 5011, 5809, 5810, 5811, 6809, 6810, & 6811 with Same BA
  • Copper Bar Design with API Style End Ring
  • Insulated Sleeve Bearings on Both Ends – IP55
  • Main T-Box Capable of F1 or F2 Field-Mounting; Top-Mount (F3) Available as Option for 5000 Frames
  • Cartridge-Type Field-Replaceable Grease Outlet
  • Winding Stator RTDs in Separate Auxiliary Terminal Box – F2
  • Space Heaters in Separate Auxiliary Terminal Box -F2
  • Bearing RTD Provisions – F2
  • Provisions for Vertical Jacking Screws
  • Insulated NDE Ball Bearing IP54 for Anti-Friction
  • Cast Iron Main T/box for 5811 and Smaller and Type II Fabricated Steel Main T/box for 6811
  • Cast Iron Fan Cover for 5811 and Smaller (Option for Fabricated Steel) and Fabricated Steel Fan Cover for 6811

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